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Korean cosmetics new products in Amazon Beauty

If you check out  Amazon Beauty as you always do on weekends, you will find some new products from the Korean cosmetic brand MCC.

The blusher cushion, the cushion base makeup, and the favorite bb cream of all, BB Cream Repair with calendula extract, as well as other products.


Is necesary to visit Amazon from time to time to see what’s new!


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Limited Edition Korean Makeup Products (Part 1)

As a makeup addict, sometimes we often buy many products that I don’t necessarily need purely because of how adorable the packaging is. With the recent release of the multiple special edition collaborations from different Korean makeup brands, our wallet will be a lot skinnier than before.

Check out the super cute collaborations down below!


Themed Makeup collaborations are widely used by beauty companies worldwide to make us fall in love hopelessly with their products (packaging). Targeting at our weak spot for everything cute and fanciful, their weapons include our favorite characters from childhood memories, to current messaging app and movies. The majority of them were launched exclusively in South Korea, causing worldwide jealousy and a shortage of stocks. If they were to arrive in Europe, there will most likely be a queue!

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Korean dramas and Korean beauty

Las famosas actrices coreana, los dramas coreanos y los productos cosméticos coreanos

Siempre que miras un drama coreano, sobre todo donde la actriz principal usa algún producto de make-up te preguntas:

„¿Que producto es este, de que marca es?”

Así que hemos encontrado unos dramas recientes con sus actrices y sus actores y las marcas que promocionan.

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